Female Clients Demanding Gigolos To Roleplay Their Stepson, Thanks To PervMom Videos

Trusting a voluptuous black woman blindly is like trusting an escort agency in a third-world country with fake pictures.

Benjamin Huff

Benjamin Huff from New Town, North Dakota, is a Sex Blogger and Gigolo, who claims to have slept with CNN’S Christine Amanpour on 5 difference occasions.

Benjamin claims the most demanded roleplays for a Gigolo had always been Pizza Boy Roleplays until recently. Nowadays, incest roleplays are most demanded by the female clients due to the influence of pervmom free porn videos.

Benjamin’s dad was a follower of the Indian Guru – OSHO. As guided by OSHO, when he started noticing his thoughts, it turned out 85% of those were sex related.

Benjamin writes that working wives who generally tell their husbands that they don’t have time for sex, have plenty of time and money for their favorite male gigolos.

Benjamin claims both Donald Trump and Mike Pence suffer with the condition called erectile dysfunction and the wives of both are hot topics among the gigolos.

Benjamin claims taking steroids increased his libido by at least 5-6 times.

Benjamin claims to have fucked over 6000 different pussies of different colors. He says he has those turn into almost all different colors but silver, golden or grey.

Benjamin writes that not only do the Russian women age like wine. Their pussies also start smelling like wine as they age.

Benjamin writes that since the coronavirus outbreak, most of the focus of the adult industry bosses and their employees has been turned to coronavirus from STDs, be it the porn industry or the escort industry.

Benjamin believes Briana Banks has always been an underrated pornstar but Jenna has always been the most overrated.


Imagine All Your Adult Family Members Watching HD Virtual Family Porn Secretly

Nina Douglas from Park River, North Dakota, is a Sex Blogger and Scientist, who claims fasting and abstaining is harmful for the testicles and the kidneys of a man.

Nina believes the survey done by an Israeli Organization which claims that the women who are married younger, show more interest in sex as they get older and are more likely to cheat on their husbands or indulge in swinging as well. According to this survey, that’s one reason why we see so many mainstream MILF pornstars who were married young. Nicole Moore and Reagan Foxx are just 2 examples, these 2 can be seen on only incest & family porn HD usually. The comment section of that post was filled with lewd comments regarding the wife Ayesha of Islamic Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

Nina believes the claim made by many adult men and women who are too usual to the swinger scene that highly educated women are very sarcastic in the bedroom.

The swinging scene has taught Nina that sometimes the girls who wear the most prudish and dull clothes and big spectacles are the ones who can give the American Pornstar – Blair Williams a run for her money.

Nina writes anytime a man fucks her over a hour at a time, her face gets so red that she looks perfect the next day.

Nina believes there needs to be at least 100 times more protests for the social liberation for the men and women belonging to any sexual orientation.

Nina believes the governments should offer special benefits to the pornstars for making the world a happier place.


Thai Pussies Smell As Good As Fresh Som Tam – Dario Machado

Morning woods are generally caused by 3 things:-

1. Excess Energy (Too much energy but subconscious mind not occupied with enough things to do)

2. Oversleeping

3. Too much blood flow to the penis due to regular sexual arousal of different sorts including masturbation/sex. When you are indulging in sexual activities, the nerve pathways to your sexual organs are always overactive and hence blood flow to the genitals all the time.

When you are on NoFap, the third reason for getting a morning wood gets eliminated, another thing that happens is that you get to have a lot of REM sleep. Non-Sexual REM Sleep and Morning Woods generally don’t go together. Also, during a flatline, you won’t experience morning woods generally. Even if they happen, you can’t generally feel those, as your dick stays numb most of the time (no sensitivity).

Dario Machado

Dario Machado from Wishek, North Dakota, is a Sex Blogger and an Aspiring Politician, who writes three things cannot be long hidden: large breasts, big ass and a beautiful puffy cameltoe. And all three are a frequent sight on the Thai Porn movies (ดูหนังโป๊).

Dario believes vaginal gas is one of the most misunderstood subjects.

Dario believes there will never be another Traci Lords, Christy Canyon or Kay Parker in the porn industry.

Dario claims to have had sex with over 100 different Indian women, both in India and the USA. He also claims to have sniffed the pussy of each of those. He writes on his blog that it is a myth that Indian pussies smell like curry, they smell as good as a White, Hispanic, Thai or an Arab pussy.


Irish Man Makes Sex Tours to take Revenge on his Cheating Wife

Geoffrey Walsh from Dundalk, Ireland, is a sex blogger and singer, who regularly makes sex tours at least thrice a year to different countries, but he never likes the girls anywhere as much as he likes escorts Ireland.

Geoffrey also has a blog to help recover from sex, masturbation and porn addiction. He writes one of the ways you can get out of the masturbation/porn/sex addiction is by remembering nothing but the bad experiences and memories you have with it.

Geoffrey likes to refer to Red Bull as liquid viagra. He drinks at least 8-9 cans of Red Bulls each time before having sex.

Geoffrey is also a self-proclaimed eugenics expert who writes Half-Palestinian Half-Iraqi Kurds make the best babies possible if you want nothing but Muslim babies. He gives the references to the great personalities from the history with the same bloodline.

Geoffrey claims that thinking and talking in Semetic languages makes a man more sexual and that’s the main reason why the Middle-East has always been a polygamous region.

Geoffrey is a GILF lover. He writes fucking a dry pussy has its own advantages which only a granny lover would understand.

Geoffrey believes that legs are the most underrated parts of a woman’s body in the modern day.

Geoffrey only had a threesome once in his life. He caught his wife fucking a cousin of her at a family get-together and they blatantly ask Geoffrey to join which he did. Then his cousin made fun of his tiny-weeny and made his wife scream like a little bitch she is to make him more embarrassed. Geoffrey preferred to just have a blowjob from his wife in that threesome adventure because he knew he wouldn’t have been able to make her scream like her cousin was doing and that would have resulted in only more embarrassment for himself.


More Iranian Women than ever before on World of Sex Cams

Murphy Docker owns 3 ice cream stores and 2 snack bars in the state of Maryland, who once wrote on an online Hentai Community that he loves Iranian women so much that he watches nothing but Iranian porn. His most favorite pornstar of all times is Persia Pele who seems to have retired now. He says that he has a huge crush on the Iranian journalist – Roxana Saberi.

Murphy writes that if he becomes the dictator of the world for a day, he would imprison all the Arab men and turn all the Arab women into pornstars. He says he doesn’t hate the Arab men but he finds the Arab women extremely hot and he believes there is no other way to enjoy the beauty of each and every Arab woman.

Murphy once shared on a Hentai community that for a man to insert the affected frostbitten area in the pussy of a woman who hasn’t hit menopause and for the woman to apply semen mixed with honey can cure frostbite instantly.

Murphy loves to travel as a sex tourist. He says that each and every woman that he met as a sex tourist in India who belonged to the Bishnoi tribe was a bisexual. He says that he is no expert but according to his observations, it would be quite correct to say that the Bishnoi tribe is the biggest bisexual tribe in the world.

Murphy loves his wife for the fact that she loves being handcuffed and fucked in the mouth simultaneously just like you would see in a free adult chat. She is also an Iranian.


It’s Black Girls with Thick Butts vs Asian Chicks with Big Red Nipples

Raymond Clayden from Boise, Idaho, used to love Black girls with thick butts until he had his first Mature Asian Slut.

Raymond never gets tired of repeating that ugly girls are bad in the bed.

Raymond writes that village girls are bigger freaks in bed than their city counterparts. He says they love being dominated and they love dominating their man as well.

Raymond writes on his blog that his wife has become more passive sexually since she started taking estrogen. He says her pussy feels better, nipples, everything feels better. She also moans a lot more since, he adds.

Raymond also never gets tired of repeating that behind every hijab, there are boobs rubbed with a special oil that is known for making them bigger and more sensitive.

Raymond says that he loves a woman who doesn’t complain just like his wife and all the Asian women that he has had till date.

One of Raymond’s nephews wants to practice chastity till he gets married but he gets a wet dream each time he meets his fiance and that has been bothering him a lot.

Raymond claims to have an extraordinary large dick. He writes on his blog that only men with 10+ inch long dicks know how miserable it is for them to see their woman in tears. He says it is nothing like in a porn movie in the real life. Not in his case, at least.

Raymond writes it is a pity that the beauty contest candidates aren’t what they once used to be. He writes that the deterioration begun when Donald Trump became a part of the scene.


They scream MILF BJ on the streets when they see her Sister-in-Law walking by

Caitlin Van Essen from Rochester, New York, is really disappointed with the fact that they don’t make many male-focused superhero porn movies and when it is some female-focused superhero porn movie, it is mainly Wonder Woman who is the protagonist.

Caitlin writes on her sex blog that she enjoys her navel getting kissed and licked more than she does getting licked on the breasts or the lips.

One of Caitlin’s brothers is married to an Accountant turned Pornstar from Illinois, guess who she is? I give you one hint here, she is one of the most popular stars when it comes to MILF BJ.

Caitlin’s entire family has naturally red hair. She claims on her blog that all men in her family are strongmen and over 6’2″; All women are gorgeous with athletic yet voluptuous, she sounds very arrogant when she claims that the God gave red hair to the superior people.

Caitlin claims to have also been writing a book ‘The courage to take 10+ inch long cock’. She recently mentioned on her blog that the book will be out by the end of September of this year.

Caitlin is disappointed with many comics, movies (both adult and general), that show this culture of some men getting chased by women all the time. She writes that only in the wonderland do the dicks are chased by pussies all the time. She adds that she has been working on creating her first adult video game and the theme of the game would be pacman styled. In the game, the dick will have to collect milk and save itself from the pussies.


Great Mainstream Financial Successes Meet Sexy Women Through This Website

Sonny Attenborough is a fitness freak who believes that yoga has a huge impact on the color complexion of the practitioner and that’s the reason why he never got into it. He says that one of his female friends who is a yoga instructor got pale from doing a lot of yoga and that’s the reason why he is never going to touch. He says that she is still very attractive and he has fucked her hundreds of times in his imaginations.

Sonny Attenborough believes that good sex and financial success generally go together and attributes happy sex life to the success of Holocaust survivors like George Soros.

Sonny used to be a very regular escort and brothel visitor unless he discovered how he could meet sexy women without much hassle for free. He says that Ohio has the most beautiful escorts in the USA followed by Florida.

Sonny says that what made him leave the escorts and brothels route was that it had become a lot harder to find an escort service that didn’t charge additionally for the transportation and that’s when he decided that he had to find another way to satiate his thirst for sex with different gorgeous women.

Sonny always says that it is very easy to tell if a woman above 30 years of age has a happy sex life or not. He says that if her boobs have been growing in size and are more shapely, then it means that she is having a happy and fulfilled sex life and if they are going saggy and unattractive then that means she has one horrible sex life.


Wife keeps her QIWI wallet full and husband keeps Russian-Escort-Maxing

Ludmila Cankov gets up everyday at 5 AM sharp. Being a female herself, Ludmila is against the feminist movement claiming that women are already extremely pampered around the world except in Islamic countries. Ludmila says that women are very cunning and they know how to manipulate men and the governments. Every man that Ludmila knows is miserable due because of his girlfriend or wife, the men are all slaves to women according to Ludmila.

Ludmila’s husband Maric wears nothing but hand-stitched suits. He is a handsome richie who loves to dress sharp. He drives top-notch cars including a Porsche Cayenne, a Maserati Levante, a Volvo XC90 and a BMW X6.

Maric owns a popular restaurant on the top floor of one of the most prominent shopping malls of the Belgrade city. He noticed a stunning beauty that worked at a spa on the ground floor of the same mall and fell in love with her. Maric started following her and got to know about her better by availing massage services once a week at the same spa. She is 12 years younger to Maric and she shows a great interest in Maric because he is rich but Maric has been misunderstanding for true love.

Ludmila doesn’t have an idea about what is going on between Maric and a full-time Russian escort in Mumbai but somehow she knows for certain something wrong is going on. Anyways, Ludmila is a bitcoin trading genius and she makes hundreds of thousands of dollars per month trading bitcoins. She also uses QIWI wallet and often converts her QIWI wallet money to bitcoins using top-notch and trustworthy websites like Obmen24.


This gay friend of mine tries having fun with masseuses in Goa to check if he is compatible with the women

One of my very good friends is a gay pornstar who says that he had no idea about the kind of fan following he has until he visited the green light area of Amsterdam where the gigolo decided to offer his services absolutely free to him.

This friend of mine is of the opinion that the uniform for the gay men in the US and the armies of the other nations where gays are allowed to be recruited should be something other than the regular, preferably something flowery.

He served in the military in the past, he says that it is a very hostile place for the gays, even though he made many friends there.

His boyfriend has a long, strong, wide dick, which he likes to refer as ‘The Hummer’, not only for its size and strength, but also because he believes that the production of such dicks has stopped. He believes that just like the Hummer truck, a dick like that of his boyfriend is not going to be produced again.

This friend of mine recently visited a Goa Massage Parlour in order to see if he was compatible with the Indian woman. It went well, compared to his other experiences with the women, but he says that he is better off with the men.