Irish Man Makes Sex Tours to take Revenge on his Cheating Wife

Geoffrey Walsh from Dundalk, Ireland, is a sex blogger and singer, who regularly makes sex tours at least thrice a year to different countries, but he never likes the girls anywhere as much as he likes escorts Ireland.

Geoffrey also has a blog to help recover from sex, masturbation and porn addiction. He writes one of the ways you can get out of the masturbation/porn/sex addiction is by remembering nothing but the bad experiences and memories you have with it.

Geoffrey likes to refer to Red Bull as liquid viagra. He drinks at least 8-9 cans of Red Bulls each time before having sex.

Geoffrey is also a self-proclaimed eugenics expert who writes Half-Palestinian Half-Iraqi Kurds make the best babies possible if you want nothing but Muslim babies. He gives the references to the great personalities from the history with the same bloodline.

Geoffrey claims that thinking and talking in Semetic languages makes a man more sexual and that’s the main reason why the Middle-East has always been a polygamous region.

Geoffrey is a GILF lover. He writes fucking a dry pussy has its own advantages which only a granny lover would understand.

Geoffrey believes that legs are the most underrated parts of a woman’s body in the modern day.

Geoffrey only had a threesome once in his life. He caught his wife fucking a cousin of her at a family get-together and they blatantly ask Geoffrey to join which he did. Then his cousin made fun of his tiny-weeny and made his wife scream like a little bitch she is to make him more embarrassed. Geoffrey preferred to just have a blowjob from his wife in that threesome adventure because he knew he wouldn’t have been able to make her scream like her cousin was doing and that would have resulted in only more embarrassment for himself.

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