If You Never Had It Sucked Without A Condom On, You Are Still Living In The 1980s

It is a well-known historical and scientific fact that women have a stronger libido than men, but it is the men’s lack of sexual control that makes them do stupid things in pursuit of a pussy.

I believe that there will be sexual tournaments in the future that will definitely be far more interesting than the sports tournaments.

I also believe that the days of a separate porn industry are about to be over. I believe that there will be hardcore sex scenes in the mainstream movies of the future that will be far more adventurous and interesting than the sex scenes in the hardcore porn movies of today.

I have dated several sports women in the past and I still do, it is my personal observation and advise to you to not date a basketball player, they are some of the lamest fucks that you will ever come across. And if you are a virgin, then don’t even think about it, they will give you a kind of psycho-sexual trauma that you will perhaps not be able to recover from ever in your life.

It is a well-known fact that the stiffer your cock, the happier your woman would be, it applies equally if your woman happens to be a paid companion.

The best companions are great fuckbuddies. If she doesn’t know how to get fucked right, you are with a wrong wife. You should better move to Denmark and hire a different outcall escort for a blowjob without condom each night in that case.

I never get tired of repeating all the time that teen chicks and butterflies have several things in common, one of those being that they are both too much fun even when you are not there to fuck them, lol.

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