Endocrinologist Hires His Own Sugar Baby Sister For Sex Whenever His Wife Is Away

If you didn’t derive pleasure from the intercourse, would you still perform the act?

Dr Ivan Dunkerton

Dr Ivan Dunkerton from Ottawa, Canada, is an Endocrinologist and Dating Blogger, whose wife – Payton, is an author and a visiting faculty at one of the most leading educational institutes in Canada. She was once a Sugar Baby and Ivan is too proud of it.

Dr Ivan writes fairy tales as a hobby. Payton uses those in her books.

We should not feel guilty for wasting time in unproductive things.

Dr Ivan Dunkerton

Dr Ivan thinks there should be a law against non-real transgender “women”, who are convincing looks wise and sleep with straight men whilst they were initially hiding the fact that they are transgender.

One of Ivan and Payton’s dreams is to build a free-love commune. They believe Sugar Babies and their love interests would be the first to join this commune of theirs. They have even decided the name for their commune: Commune 69.

Dr Ivan thinks Inceldom is a societal problem grave enough to be considered a menace to the society. He convinced his kissless incel nephew into believing there’s nothing wrong with hiring a sugar baby. This nephew of Ivan is a Formula One and Real Estate Enthusiast. He used to spend a lot of time comparing houses he was never going to buy, but now he spends a great deal of his time everyday comparing sugar babies which he knows he is going to hire sooner or later.

Dr Ivan is friends with a weird Conspiracy Theorist, Far-Rightist Blogger, who strongly believes most sugar babies are lesbians and bisexuals, who if were straight, would rather be working as escorts, cam models, nuru masseuses, or even pornstars.

Payton is friends with a 32 year old widow who says she is not marrying or having sex with brother again as she’s got an app for sugar babies to take care of her male companionship needs. Not to mention the allowance those sugar daddies pay to her. She’s currently learning Maltese Italian and the Maltese language. She is also learning to be a Hip-Hop Choreographer. She says the best moment in her life was when her late husband told to a friend of his “There’s a bomb in my car”, referring to her.

If we define gender as a form of self-identity, then it is innumerable.

Dr Ivan Dunkerton

Dr Ivan writes he is happy there are not many common mistakes that first-time consumers tend to fall for while hiring sugar babies unlike while renting or buying real estate for the very first time.

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